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Hopped Off the Plane at L(ogan) A(irport) X

with a dream to mosh again. It sure has been a turbulent transition back from vacation to reality, but what a beautiful reality to return to! R E C A P A few Fridays ago, we nested at Night Shift on the Esplanade for a riverside reunion. The seasonal, pop-up beer garden was elevated with elegant lighting and exotic eats. Not to mention, each item on the menu was beerfully and wonderfully made to pair perfectly with a cold one. Our male to female ratio was arguably the most favorable of all time while the ratio of mosquitoes to humans was dEEEply concerning.

Friday Night Lights U P N E X T What: Frisbee in the Foliage | The Ultimate Fall When: Monday, October 14, 3-5p Where: Briggs Field (250 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA) Note: Due to Monday being a regional holiday, please note the early afternoon meeting time. Bring your game face and fingers, and a frisbee to spare! A N N O U N C E M E N T ! It is my pleasure to introduce the newest MPM Staff Member, Taylor Avery. Perhaps you first learned of Mosh Pit Mondays by way of her charming and infectious personality. I am thrilled to have her on board and to tag team our programming moving forward.

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