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Retreat and Recreate

I went on two retreats this past month. The first was independently-led (and poorly planned) and the second a beautifully-organized experience. The former was a perfect disaster while the latter was perfect, period. The former was a fight for basic survival while the latter offered time for rest and recreation. If I've learned anything in February, it's that leisure is a luxury you can only enjoy with a foundation of safety and security. On this Monday morning, I'm feeling especially grateful for a protected and abundant life that allows for moshing.

R E C A P A L A T A Y L O R The Plaza Winter Fest was LIT although the fire pits were not (due to the rain earlier in the day, but hey! That’s okay!) We met and conversed with newly found friends while simultaneously having a ball of a time trying our hand at shuffleboard, bowling, and a lil bit of ping pong. We later migrated indoors to Charlie’s Kitchen in Harvard Square where we enjoyed burgers, beer, and good conversation with even better friends.


What: Mardi Gras Masquerade | Getting Fat on a Tuesday When: Tuesday (tomorrow!), February 25 from 6-8p

Where: Howl at the Moon (184 High Street, Boston, MA) Note: Masks provided on a first-come first-serve basis. Feel free to bring your own mask or beads to share, all while sporting the greens and golds and purples that remind us to prepare for something greater than the ordinary.

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