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Can't Dodge This Na Na Na Na

Happy Memorial Day, moshers! Exactly a year ago, we remembered and hoped for the return of the good ol' days, marked by health, hugs, and high fives. Rejoicing in our recent reunion, I now recount the fulfillment of this most anticipated mosh pit. R E C A P Sure, there were hugs and high fives (even a Spanish 'dos besos'), but let's be clear about the five real reasons we showed up: to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. Danehy Park gave us all a level playing field as the Tinky Winkies, B*tch Squad, Dodgers, and Ferrari Boiiiz strategically assembled our teams. Our backpacks formed the back lines of the court, and our knee socks accentuated both our calves and camaraderie - a true business-in-the-back, party-in-the-front aesthetic. From the opening rush to the sunset finale, this single-elimination, three-round tournament bracket was longer-lived than you'd think. The Final (and only) Four experienced many a stalemate until we finally crowned Team Ferrari Boiiiz (brothers by blood, boiiiz by choice) the winners of the 1st Annual Mosh Pit Mondays Dodgeball Tournament. Join me in also congratulating and awarding James Beyer with the Golden Arm trophy and Paulina Pesqueira with the Survivor Who Not Gon' Give Up certificate. Domino's, thank you for delivering our Honolulu Hawaiians and stuffed cheesy bread straight to St. Peter's Field. You hold the keys to our hungry hearts.

H O U S E K E E P I N G With so many new moshers who have joined our listserv in the past few weeks, I wanted to offer a few helpful reminders:

1) Despite our name, we mosh any day of the week! Although historically all of our events used to be on Mondays, we have since expanded to allow for competing work and life schedules. Please read the event details carefully for the specific day of our mosh pits!

2) RSVPs are always optional (unless noted otherwise) - feel free to make a game time decision and swerve over to our events for a surprise visit. That said, given how much we've grown over the past two years, it would be super helpful for us to have an idea of expected attendees so that we can ensure our venue is adequately prepared for a group our size. So, if you do plan to come, I encourage you to defy the millennial commitment-phobia that lives within us all and just send it. 3) Mo moshers, mo no problems. If you have friends you'd like to add to this email group, please email us at with: their first and last names, their emails, and how you know them.

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