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We Remember

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

We remember and hope for the return of the good ol' days, marked by health, hugs, and high fives. We remember and thank those who care for our sick and provide essential services. Today we especially remember and honor the military personnel who died while serving our country.


To be clear, we're not taking a break. We are, however, going on vacay! As wonderful as it's been to adapt to the virtual requirements of this time, I don't want to lose sight of the intended mission of Mosh Pit Mondays - to actively explore our city while growing in friendship with each other. With summer upon us, I encourage everyone to step away from your screens and pursue the endless possibilities for physically-distant hangs. Whether it's sipping piña coladas from either end of your porch or running the Harvard stadium steps in parallel, I hope you get outside and get together. We'll plan to resume larger in-person events as soon as our state and the health of our community allow it.

In the meantime, I hope to feature photos and captions of reunited moshers! I'd love to see and share what you've been up to, so please don't be a stranger and email/text me about your vacation plans ;)


The unintentional masquerade-themed Mosh Prom 2020 was truly a night to remember. I had patiently waited 10 years to wear my prom dress again, and never imagined the occasion would present itself during a pandemic, on a Monday, through Zoom. With our matching virtual backgrounds, we slow danced and fast danced while DJ Koola shared stories of old prom dates and unmuted everyone mid-chorus of Don't Stop Believin'. Ladies and gentlemen, this year's Mosh Prom Court: Best Ask - Mel Swetlick's video montage to Paulina Pesqueira Best Dancer - Ann Genaro Best Singer - Marissa Le Coz Early Departures - Pranitha Patil, Varun Pai, and Sierra Parker Prom King and Queen - Andrew Bernitt and Tanya Macias

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