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Deep in the Heart of Fenway

...this Texan got turnt on a Tuesday.


We put our best foot forward at Loretta's Last Call. Grapevines, jazz squares, triple steps, pivot turns, kick-ball-changes, hand claps, and foot stomps -- you name it, we left it all on the dance floor. Now I can't say we kept up with the regulars or gracefully mastered any of the rhythmic challenges thrown our way, but we embraced this country oasis with beer and/or bushwacker in hand.

Everybody get on the floor...let me see you one, two step.

U P N E X T What: MFA | Mosh For Art Where: Museum of Fine Arts (465 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA) When: WEDNESDAY (tomorrow), May 15, 6:00-800p (If you don't see us at the front entrance, text me!) Note: Admission is FREE, however, there is a suggested donation of $25

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