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Cha Cha Slide

Right foot let's stomp. Left foot let's stomp.


Now everybody wash your hands.


Far across the distance and spaces between us, Zoom has come to show us we mosh on. Near, far, wherever you were, we wound up that stanky legg and cha cha-ed real smooth.

Quick round of shoutouts for our virtual dance party goers~

Best dancer: Megan Haile Best choreography: The Denver Crew

Best outfit: Paulina Pesqueira

Best dance floor decor: Keevan Statz

U P N E X T What: Karaoke Night | Pipe Dreamz When: TODAY, March 23 from 8-8:40p ET

Zoom: House rules: BYOB. When performing, please provide your own musical track. When not performing, please keep yourself on mute and sing/dance along. Shoutouts for best vocal performance, best stage presence/energy, and best muted participation.

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