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100% Off, Unlimited Time Offer

I realized I'm competing with all your Cyber Monday mail this morning. Just here to plug that friendship is free. You just have to show up. U P N E X T Hard to believe this will be our final mosh pit of 2 0 2 1. Come leave all your feels on the ice. When: Thursday, December 9th from 7-9p ET What: A Rink-le in Time | Ice Skating in Fenway Location: The Rink at 401 Park (401 Park Drive, Boston, MA, 02215) Note: You will need to buy yourself a ticket in advance here. Adult admission is $10 and skate rentals are $5. I plan to buy a ticket (and skate rental) for Dec 9 at 7p; there are only 55 slots total so don't procrastinate if you hope to join! R E C A P : Boston Celtics vs. Houston Rockets

For almost all of us, the Celtics game last week was not only our first time watching our Boston bois ball, but also our first time at the Garden. We decided that basketball is our favorite sport, and that we like the way they dribble up and down the court. Our balcony seating gave us a surprisingly stellar view of the court, and the moshers even made a brief and nearly unnoticeable appearance on the Fancam. We left the arena with hearts throbbing after Jayson Tatum and mouths watering over the foot-long hot dogs. R E C A P : Halloween Brunch

Bernie Sanders, a ~brownie point~, and a ceramicist

Bat-couple, gumball machine, and hallo-winning

Patio party people ft. a passionate Prescott

A unicorn-on-the-cob sans corn-on-the-cob, so...just a unicorn

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