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Go Home, You're Flung

PSA: The best way to avoid being flungover is to stay ~flung~ R E C A P Fall Fling is o'fishally over and can I just say, it went swimmingly! All Flannelists honored the dress code and the Swedish inhabitants of the fishbowl cocktail were bubbling with high spirits. Turns out what they taught us in elementary school was true; if you mix pineapple juice with blue food coloring, the mixture likens to greenish algae rather than the blue hues of a traditional boozy bowl. Our friendly game of fishbowl, however, was no charade as Team Us and Team Them taboo-ed and pantomimed familiar phrases until the intermission of no return. The most ~flung~ of the folks then participated in the Final Fling -- the Spin (five times) and Pin (the fish on the fishbowl).

R O C K C L I M B I N G ? We still need a few more people to sign up! If you're interested in moshing at Central Rock Gym (74 Acton Street, Watertown, MA) this month for an hour-long session, including learning how to belay, please fill out the following form with your availability in November: MPM Rock Climbing Interest Form. Currently, November 19th and 21st are when the majority is available. U P N E X T

What: Sunday Funday | Line Dancing with the Locals When: Sunday, November 10, 7:00 - 9:00p Where: Loretta's Last Call (1 Lansdowne St, Boston, MA) Note: NO COVER! Come end your weekend and kick off the new week on your feet for the 'Merica All Day Party.

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