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What's Your Story?

Now this is a story all about my how my life got washed from inside out

And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there

I'll tell ya how I was redeemed in this kingdom right here


So I've never actually tuned into a Moth Radio Hour before, but I can't imagine our very own Mosh Radio Hour fell far from its intended vision. The theme: Redemption. The vibe: Candid and comedic. The stories: True to self. While moshers shared tales of reclaiming their golf tournament titles, rescuing their failing fuel tanks, redefining their bizarre butt-ins with birds, and repossessing premier prankster status, the active listeners etched these stories into memory and sketched these triumphs into art (read: masterful stick figures). U P N E X T

When: Monday, April 27 from 6 - 8p ET

What: Cooking with Cat | From the Comfort of Your Own Kitchens Recipe: Sweet Potato Enchiladas (my go-to crowd-pleaser!) Please come prepared with all the ingredients, making substitutions as you like, and sport your favorite apron for our communal cooking experience. Hate cooking, but love cocktails? 10/10 would recommend attending anyway with a piña colada in hand. Zoom: This extended Zoom session has been graciously provided by Sarah Kelly through CMN Hospitals! Curious to learn how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting your local Children's and how you can support? Check out CMN Hospitals COVID-19 Impact Fund.

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