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Lights, Opera, Action

For the skeptics among us, anyone previously on the fence about opera is now proudly on the porch.


Porchfest: Opera Edition captivated the eyes and ears of Oxford Street as moshers, pedestrians, joggers, bikers, and people-looking-for-parking all paused to soak in the operatic performance on our porch. The Hernandez & Hung duo transported us on a tour through an assortment of French, Italian, German, Spanish, and English pieces all pulling on our heartstrings (and apparently the shoestrings of passersby who were stopped in their tracks). We learned about the history and evolution of this art form, and were led in a series of vocal warm-ups that required us to know our vowels (hint: "y" is not one of them). The sparkling performance, not to mention the sparkling floor length gown sported by Luisamaria, added some pizzazz to an otherwise unassuming Friday night in Cambridge. Stay tuned for future porchfests because there's something so special about celebrating the musical gifts of our friends while forging new friendships with the community at our fingertips.

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