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Too Cool for Pool

Whether it's your pool cue or your purlicue, you better chalk yourself before your scratch yourself.


Pardon my tongue-in-cheekiness, but last week's MPM event was monkey business as usual. 'Twas a rainy day in Fenway and we passed up baseball for an 8-ball (the non-magical kind). With Rebellious Monks (a stout, but also #mood) in hand, we scratched more than just the surface and pocketed solids and stripes to fashion the most forgiving and friction-less of victories.

Ready, set, break.

There was minimal time to bask in the billiards glory as we traded in our triangle for tennis on a table. With pings, pongs, and paddles, we pumped up the pace and served up a different kind of ball game.

U P N E X T Oh, say can you see, there will be no moshing this week. Have a safe and Happy Fourth!

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