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Tip Tapa Room

¿Qué tal mis amigos? ¡Buenos días desde España! Thoughts on rebranding to Mosh Peda Mondays? R E C A P We armed ourselves with umbrellas and protective rain gear to break through the finance bro fortress that is Coogan’s on a Thursday night. Trivia Team Moshers convened yet again with an uncreative team name and put our ears together to decrypt the tumultuous torrent of trivia q’s transmitted through the tavern. From the outside looking in, we were sitting (amidst) bricks, but from the inside looking out, we were a multifaceted mix.

U P N E X T What: Night Shift Owls Nest on the Esplanade When: Friday, September 27th, 5:30-7:00p Where: Night Shift Owls Nest Esplanade (Charles River Esplanade, Boston, MA)

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