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Ain't No Yahd Widener Enough

to keep us from finding you, babe. Except for the two stealthy ladies who managed to go unfound during our first round of Hide-and-Seek in Harvard Yard.


Four neon-colored name tags, three minutes to hide, two teams, one Yahd. The yellows & greens and the pinks & oranges came together as Da Cops and Da Robbers. The teams huddled before each round to discuss strategy which to everyone's surprise was to either Hide or to Seek. We had a few swift robbers that made for an entertaining high speed chase visible from the Widener vantage point. With multiple cops chasing after him, one robber even made it back to the base for a successful jailbreak of three fellow tagged robbers, only to be jailed himself - the love of Jesús truly set them free. We then practiced a version of the Minnesotan Goodbye as we slowly made our way from Widener, to the gates, to Harvard Square, to finally Winthrop Square where we ate our dinners and ice cream under the multi-color lights of a cool, Cambridge night.

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