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Bang Bang Cauliflower

I'd like to blame the appetizer I ordered at our last mosh pit for knocking me out for a whole week, thereby delaying my sending you this email. Bang Bang is right.


Well that's a first. For those who have been moshing since our early days, imagine my surprise when only dudes showed up to our last event. Give it up for these men who mosh:

We kicked off our Waterfront-Wide Scavenger Hunt on the Greenway Carousel, riding on one of 14 different creatures all native to the New England region. Proving to be a short-lived and slow motion merry-go-round, we then hopped over to the more stimulating spectacle on the Greenway - the colorful light show at the Rings Fountain. Our exploration of the harbor finally weaved us through the various wharves until we reached the aquarium, face-to-face with the seals displayed outside, pondering the particular umwelt of these pinnipeds.

"Choosy developers choose GIF":

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