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Seek and Ye Shall Find

Looking for something? Or someone (heh)? You might just find it (or them) this Thursday evening as we gather for hide-and-seek in Harvard Yard.

T H I S W E E K When: Thursday, June 24 from 6:30 - 8p ET (RSVP here if you plan to attend) What: Hide-And-Seek in Harvard Yard Location: Widener Library, Harvard Yard, Cambridge (Meet on the steps!) Note: Please try to arrive on time! At 6:45p, we will start to review the rules of the game and divide into teams. Games will start at 7p (if you're late, please wait on the steps and you can join the next round). The Cops & Robbers variation of the game will involve hiding, seeking, running, and tagging, so please wear appropriate clothing & footwear. I made you this handy-dandy PowerPoint to prepare your hearts and minds for this event. If you have a bandana or a headband, please bring as a distinguishing accessory for our teams! R E C A P

Two weeks ago, we picnicked in the Boston Public Garden and it proved to be one of the most sensory mosh pits to date. Although we didn't come across any roses, we sure did stop to smell (and savor) the rosé thanks to our two generous new moshers. The Cool Ranch Doritos paired well with the cool breeze, and we munched and crunched to the rhythm of the trombone buzzing across the garden. With a view of Duck Island, a few adventurous souls even ventured to dip their toes (okay, both feet!) into the pond for a refreshing algae cleanse. The gesture was reciprocated by the ducks who then decided to dip their webbed feet into our business. And for those itching to know, the Robin Williams Park Bench from "Goodwill Hunting" marking our destination of interest was occupied upon our arrival, but who needs to sit when you can spike?

Thanks @Victoria for the Doritos advertising. Cool Ranch looks good on you.

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