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Meet the Cohosts, Part III

One week until So You Think You Can Date. One week to prepare you hearts, minds, and souls for what is to come. One week to complete this anonymous survey. R E C A P It finally happened, folks. Let the record show that during the 2019 Boston Common Tree Lighting, we managed to actually mosh around the Nova Scotian Christmas tree. Since 1971, the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia has gifted us their tallest, healthiest, densest, most attractive and symmetrical tree to spruce up our holidays. Also fitting this description was the award-winning Nova Scotian alt-pop band who showed us what Neon Dreams are really made of. Amidst 25,000 attendees, we (read: Taylor and Cat) attempted to honor the people of Nova Scotia by starting an original chant (No-va Sco-tia doo doo doo-doo-doo) which did not catch on at all. Dolly Parton surprised us for a hot second, Matt Nathanson loosened our hips so we could mosh on, and did I mention God bless Nova Scotia?

Not pictured: The people and trees of Nova Scotia. U P N E X T With cuffing season around the corner, we recognize that finding and trapping a significant other is challenging. Join Mosh Pit Mondays as we lead an open and honest discussion on the trials and tribulations (and hopefully also triumphs) of dating. Picture a cozy, fireside chat with hot cocoa and guaranteed comedic relief. What: So You Think You Can Date? When: Monday, December 16th from 7-9p

Where: St. Paul Parish Student Lounge (29 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA)

Dress Code: Wear what you would wear on a ~first date~ Pregame: Need a drink before we dive in? Head to Grafton Street Pub (1 min away from Student Lounge; 1230 Massachusetts Ave) at 6p. Note: Please complete this anonymous survey to help us understand your perspectives on dating! Feel free to share this survey with friends. M E E T T H E C O H O S T S This is Alex Peacher. If art were a sport, his coat couldn't keep up.

Click the pic, you know the drill.

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