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Got Ape?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Or at least 'HOT APE'? Apparently, this acronym is the key to measuring successful flirtation. For best results, follow instructional video.


It's been a whole week and I'm still awestruck by how much we learnt and got turnt at So You Think You Can Date. Our final MPM event of 2019 brought together almost 50 curious and convicted individuals who gathered 'round the fireplace (screensaver) with hot chocolate and hot takes. Grounded in kindness, transparency, and boldness, we digested the results of the survey (slide deck attached) and deliberated on all things from playing HTG, DTR, to DTF (defining the flirt, obvi). We shared our perspectives on how we define and initiate a date, how we would like to be rejected, and the spectrum of cluelessness to false reciprocity of romantic interest that disproportionately characterizes a certain gender.

Thank you for showing up. Thank you for speaking up. We are all better informed because of it. Thank you also to the volunteers who read aloud the anonymous quotes and those who courageously entered the Arranged Date Raffle. Winners will be announced in January #newyearnewboo.


What: Cinco de New Years Brunch | On the 5th day of 2020, We Taco Bout New Years Resolutions When: Sunday, January 5 from 12-3p (Please RSVP here)

Where: Mi casa

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