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Early Adopters, Where You At

Happy Friday eve, moshers!

Hope your week has been getting exponentially better day by day, just like the weather forecast.


A massive shoutout to all the brave and curious attendees of our Soft Launch event that took place during the height of a polar vortex alert this past Monday. I'd say we had quite the successful gathering -- we played human-sized Jenga until we dropped it like it's hot, ping-ponged 'round the world with 10 participating paddles, and Gamed On in true Fenway fashion. 

U P   N E X T

What: Team together to crush free trivia night at a compact, Cantabrigian pub

Where: The Plough and Stars (912 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139)

When: Monday, January 28th, 6:30-8:30p (dinner/drinks @ 6:30p, trivia starts @ 7:30p)

Homework: Bring friends!!! Feel free to forward this email to those you deem mosh-worthy.

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