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Is It Too Late to Apologize?

Our pawns sure didn't think so as we raced 'round the board, deflected our opponents, and slid into safety during an unmerciful game of Sorry.

Also, please forgive me for the tardiness of this email - another year of life got in the way (ya girl just turned 27)!


We dove into our week and found ourselves in the diviest of bars; a true hidden gem featuring a classic burger and egg roll combo, as if we were tucked in between Chinatown and the Financial District or something. Family owned and operated, our server Kenny at the Corner Pub made us feel right at home as he learned all our names and gave us his v honest opinion about the hit-or-miss house fries. Meanwhile, in moshing with the local patrons, we be-acquainted (the stage immediately prior to befriending) Kelly, who shared with us a shiny little secret and a not-so-tiny little rock with which he planned to propose to his girlfriend in a few days. Don't you just love love?

Gr8ful for jukeboxes, Avril Lavigne, and sk8r bois U P N E X T What: Open Mic Challenge | Come support Cole Rougas (new to moshing, but definitely not new to music) as he performs a few of his original tunes! Where: Lizard Lounge | Basement of Cambridge Commons (1667 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA) When: Monday, April 1, 7:30-9:30p (Doors open at 7:30p, open mic starts at 8p) Note: $7 cover

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