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Hakuna Bachata

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

It means no salsa, for the rest of your (mon)days. Not to mention, the problem-free philosophy that is coat-check on a cold day.


As if I didn't already love living in Central Square, half of my heart is now in Havana ooo na na. The bachata lesson was strategically structured for beginners and more advanced dancers alike, offering both independent and partner dance instruction. The Club offered unlimited agua, personal space, and the suavest social (dance) networking opportunities -- arguably one of the most hydrating and mission-aligned mosh pits to date. We step-step-step-tapped the night away, either swept off our feet or kicked off the 4/4 beat, depending on the caliber of our companion.

The club can't even handle them right now.


Mosh Pit Monday is CANCELLED today, April 15, to celebrate Patriot's Day, Marathon Monday, and SK's birthday. Get those taxes filed and we'll see you next week!

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