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Don't Go Chasing Volcanoes

But if you do, might I recommend the active Fagradalsfjall in Southwestern Iceland? I'm just getting back from a two-week Icelandic vacay and hiking to this currently erupting beauty was easily the highlight of my trip.


On July 9, we woke up to a flash flood warning as tropical storm Elsa brought pouring rain and gusty winds to the Boston area. But Elsa, not wanting to be a mosh-wrecker, saw her way out that afternoon, and in a swift turn of meteorological events, the skies cleared and the sun came out just in time for our evening kayaking excursion. A dozen of us braved the red flag warning and plopped into our single kayaks for our peaceful paddle party down the Charles. We bumped and raced, at our own pace, and bellowed under the acoustically-advantageous arcs that marked our journey across the riverbend.


Okay, I know this sounds crazy and your body may temporarily hate you for it, but you gotta come join us this week as we climb the Harvard Stadium with the November Project - it's one of those Boston things that everyone should experience at least once (a group of us have been going consistently for the last two months and it's honestly the only way I'd ever want to do cardio). People of all ages & fitness levels attend and the culture is very encouraging and non-competitive. If it's an ego thing, I promise I'll be slower than you. If you're on the fence, please text me (979.450.9008) so I can convince you that this is the best way to spend your Wednesday morning.

When: Wednesday, July 28 from 6:30-8 AM ET (in the MORNING) What: November Project Location: Harvard Stadium Note: Join the November Project for their weekly stadium stair-stepper workout. Meet in the Harvard Stadium parking lot by 6:15a, workout from 6:30-7:20a, and join for coffee/bagels afterwards if your work schedules allow! Please fill out this waiver if you plan to join. Parking: If you plan to park in the Harvard Stadium parking lot (that's what I usually do!), I would recommend getting there earlier than 6:15a because you will have to pay to park at the meter-box and long lines tend to form closer to 6:30a.

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