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Come Thirsty, They Said

We'll feed your mind, they said.


Lit Crawl Boston 2019 ~thirsty Thursday edition~ was one for the books! We came to cheer on the participants of the Great American Poetry Challenge but instead, they took one look at us, and threw us into the mix. Team Moshers was tasked with creating a persona poem on our choice of a Boston landmark (Faneuil Hall) and a random word (cocoon). Our in-house poet, Leila, masterfully wrote and recited this original piece which was later judged by an audience applausometer and tied us for FIRST place *snaps not claps*. Although a tie-breaker Haiku challenge denied us the ultimate victory, the tale of the unknown underdogs transcending all of Trident's expectations was enough to crown us ViKings and Queens.

Sporting our 2nd place trophy (viking hat) at an unattended photobooth in Back Bay.

U P N E X T What: Salsa in the Park | Summer Loving in the South End Where: Blackstone Community Center Courtyard (50 W Brookline St, Boston, MA) When: Monday (TODAY!), June 10, 6:00 - 8:30p Note: Admission is FREE. There will be salsa and bachata lessons, performances, and an open dance floor. Check the schedule here if you'd like to tailor your agenda accordingly!

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