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Colors of the Windy Harbor

Was it LIT or was it illumiNIT? R E C A P On Thursday night, moshers from near and as far as the swamps of Scott flocked to Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park to gaze upon the works of fire painted upon the harborside horizon. A punk rock performance, courtesy of Them Fantasies, preceded the 7th Annual Illluminate the Harbor Fireworks, as we celebrated the end of our ever-fleeting Boston summer. The complimentary diffraction glasses we received added a fiery fourth dimension to our visual experience, elevating our mere 3D reality to a kaleidoscopic cascade of colors. So yeah, it was illuminit.

The stranger who took this photo is now on the MPM listserv. Mosh on! U P N E X T What: Ain't No Volley Low Enough | Beach Volleyball at Harvard Law School When: TOMORROW, September 3rd, 6:00-8:00p Where: HLS Beachvolleyball (1585 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA) Note: This will be a casual pick-up game of volleyball, no skills necessary!

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