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Ahi's Just Not That Into You

Apparently fish are friend-zoners, not food. Although the pescatarian in me would strongly counter this argument. R E C A P There was no debate that the Wit's End menu was the perfect conversation starter. For those of you who didn't get to meet Pete (the brains behind the norm-bending bar), get in line, 'cause neither did I.

Things sure got heated at the table as an intense game of chess had our neurons firing, our appetites kindling (see menu: Negroni), and our vegetables ragin' (see menu: Ragin' Vegeta'Bull). Meanwhile, I'd say we kept our cool as we "Crash"-ed (most recent Best Picture winner with a one syllable title) & burned in trivia.

2nd-to-last-place-in-trivia victory dance: Breaking that Ice Ice Baby U P N E X T What: Board Games or Bust | When in the Leather District, Mosh as the Locals Do Where: Corner Pub (162 Lincoln St, Boston, MA) When: Monday, March 25, 6:00-8:00p (Note: 30 mins earlier than usual) Homework: Did I mention bring friends?

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