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A Symphony of Symptoms

Feeling short of breath? Same, after performing Lil Mama's Lip Gloss for the fans last week.

R E C A P Karaoke, a Japanese word literally translating to "empty orchestra", fittingly described our Mosh Pit Karaoke Night devoid of any sort of true singing. Instead, we were pseudo-serenaded by a lip syncer who passionately slow danced with her potted plant. Let's also not forget our surprise guest, former American Idol auditionee, who performed a Secondhand Serenade as we Fell For Him and his plastic button of proof. Quick round of shoutouts for our virtual karaoke performers~ Best vocal performance: [No shoutout awarded] Best stage presence/energy: Taylor Avery Best muted participation: Sarah Kelly U P N E X T When: TODAY, March 30 from 7-7:40p

What: Variety Show | Show Off What Your Momma Gave Ya Zoom: Note: Picture a talent show, with no talent needed. You'll have 60 seconds to perform the skill/quirk/hobby of your choosing! Possibilities include: juggling, holding your breath, proper hand washing technique, telling a joke, reciting the numbers of pi, balloon animal art, doing pull-ups, turning a new age, etc.

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