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because friends don't grow on trees




"the Cantabrigians and Bostonians mosh hard; their aptitude for friend-making is unparalleled"

to actively participate in Mosh Pit Mondays’ events and foster friendships with fellow moshers

why we mosh

Boston isn't known for warm welcomes.

As recent transplants to this great city, it came as an unexpected surprise to be welcomed into the warmest circle of friends. We now volunteer our time and talents to share this community with other young adults who are seeking friendship. 

Mosh Philosphy



to cultivate an organic, consistent, and activity-based social engagement platform for young adults through mass sharing of personal networks 

a community that flourishes on the power of friendship, both old and new


post-collegiate persons in their 20s/30s who are seeking opportunities to foster new friendships or grow existing friendships in an active setting

~disclaimer: not suited for those who dislike mixing friend groups~

breeding friendship

No network? No problem.

Mosh Pit Mondays builds community through consistency, mutual friends, and shared experiences.

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